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Hiya Monkeys,

[If you don't want to read my update and want to get straight to the monkey PROJECT madness, skip to SUPPLIES in middle of this post. No feelings hurt. I respect your precious time. BUT if you are a wee-bit curious, read the next bit.]

All right, I’ve had a few inquiries about the monkeys and our Net hiatus this year. I appreciate the warm encouraging words and requests for MORE monkey togetherness projects from this ummm rather quiet blog, so for YOU and the lovely children in your life, I am recommitting to Monkey Chi and shall be sharing some more fun, colorful, and nature-infused ideas in the months to come.

Not to bore you too many details regarding my hiatus, but I MUST share a little because it’s been an amazing year of action and growth AND support from the Raleigh/Wake Forest/Apex communities. I’m SOOO grateful! This year I activated my own monkey CHI creative powers and started a little program called Creative GIRL, offering playshops and retreats for girls and women, supporting personal creativity and self and community acts of kindness.

In 2014 I aspire to get non-profit status and hope that in addition to working with girls in my daughters’ school, I’ll also be working with economically-limited girls in my community.  (Ok, a bit of a plug, but we’ll need business sponsors and I’ll need a lawyer. If you are interested please email me. I need all the help I can get to help as many girls as I can.)

My new aspirations have left me little-to-no-time to reflect on the togetherness prosonshine_monkeychi2jects my family tries to fit in, let alone to post here. BUT this too is shifting. Regrouping and shuffling and I hope to be posting more often, esp. when my heart has something unique to share. There are thousands of AMAZING blogs out there for family crafts and creativity and I’ll be sharing a page with many links for your perusal, but my site is a little different intention. (If you are ONE SUCH blog author, email me as I’m starting a list of blogs and would love to include your.) The projects I personally share try to align with the creativity, presence, Earth, conservation, reusing stuff, and sharing original ideas.

SOOOooooo, it’s in this energy that I’m about to share our latest Togetherness Project, an idea I’ve not seen out there. Twinkle and Sonshine helped me with this one. This activity will put the kids to WORK and they will have so much fun, they won’t even realize that thanks to ME and this monkey toot– you shall have clean toilet bowls! EeeeeeeeEEEE!

baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
assorted food coloring, a small separate bowl for each color. (Add a little water so there is enough to get into a dropper.)
large baking tray with sides, or tub
dropper or straws
(for later you’ll need distilled white vinegar)

This post is dedicated to all the Mamas and Papas out there, who –like ME–have renounced daily toilet bowl cleaning to spend more time WITH kids.

Spread baking soda (BS for short)in aarttoilet_monkeychi2013 thin-ish layer across the baking tray, so you can’t see the bottom.

Give your monkeys a dropper or straw. For dropper, they’ll just simply squeeze and fill bulb with color, then drop all over the BS, to make a picture. (If using a straw, they can fill by placing the end of straw in the bottom of the bowl and placing a finger over the top of straw to catch the liquid.) Carry it over to the BS and release.

Play with your monkey and experiment dropping the colors on top of each other in the BS.

When finished, take all the BS and put it in a bag with a 1/2 cup measure. Monkey will then put BS in the toilet (ok, I’m starting to get giggles about all the BS flying in this post… toiletart_monkeychiLOL!). Following the BS, and using a different 1/2 cup measure. monkey will add about 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to the toilet. There WILL BE a mini volcano bubbling in your toilet. Those bubbles are cleaning and germifying your commode, while your monkey deeeeEEEEEeeeelights! Get the toilet bowl scrubber out and this concoction will offer light abrasive friction, adding to the cleanability of this project.

Simple, yes? Fun? EeEeEEEEeeee! Yes! Science experiment like, yes, happy MONKEYS? Yes! and even more awesome, CLEAN TOILETS wtihout all those dangerous, nasty bad-for-the-frog chemicals.

Ok, ok, I know … YOU (and the frogs) want to thank me, right?! To that I say “Don’t mention it” but actually I mean … DO MENTION IT!!!! to everyone you know! Please help us add to the monkey fanbase: Follow and Share Monkey Chi on Pinterest and Monkeys on Facebook. PINney and LIKEy.

But most importantly, get off the computer and enjoy those little monkeys now. Science has proven that time is speeding up.

love, blushing & flushing,
becky & the monks

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where have all the monkeys gone?

Hiya Creative Monkeys,

It’s been tooo long since we’ve shared what we’ve been doing. Thanks for being here.

Monkey fans in the Raleigh area have asked me if we do birthday parties. Well, EeeeeeEeeee YES we do now! We’ll bring monkey bubbles, a creative craft and take home surprises to your son or daughter’s special day. EeEeEemail me for details.

We’ve been looking for ways to spread more creativity and joy in our local community.

Mama monkey (yours truly) now holds creativity playshops for women AND for middle school girls. I call it Creative GIRL and here’s a linky to the web site.and to our facebook page.

Creative GIRL combines my love and passion for creativity with my strong desire to preserve creativity in girls, and to reactivate it in women. (As my son gets older I’m sure he’ll guide me in what we can do to support creativity in boys, he’s now 4 and teaching me lots!)

We need to embrace our inner critic, befriend it, and learn to stay connected to our creative joy, and create despite internal (and external) criticism. Children whose creativity is nurtured and developed … well, these amazing creative kids will heal our world! Being Creative is our birthright, and it makes us feel JOY! Creativity and JOY are good, eh?!

For monkey fans not interested in parties or playshops, I promise to be posting a new togetherness idea soon. (These are things you can do with your monkeys to disconnect and stay connected to your children.) This continues to be one of my greatest passions as a parent of 3 children, who are now 12, 10 and 4. Time is slipping into the future!!!!

In the meantime, check out some ideas with the creations the powerful creative girls in our summer playshop in the video below.

Next Creative GIRL Intro Playshop for girls in 6th, 7th and 8th grade is Sept 30-Oct 2, 10am to 3 pm daily in Wake Forest, NC. Cost is $110 and includes all supplies except t-shirt and personal photos needed to make our creations. We’ll also make journals, chocolate, paintings, necklaces and more fun creative stuff!

The Fall Playshop for girls who’ve completed the Intro is Oct 3-4 10-3 pm, in Wake Forest, NC. Cost is $80 includes all supplies.

I have small class sizes, email me to reserve a spot, inquire about birthday parties, OR if you have any questions.

love and gratitude to you, monkey fan! and many creative blessings to you and your monkeys too!!!

Big Reveal video- the rice experiment

Tah-dah… do you remember that little rice experiment we did … uh-hem about a year ago. GULP. Ok, this is a bit embarrassing, but below is our BIG REVEAL video. Ok, Ok, so it’s been a reeeeeeeeeeeeally long time since I shared with you, but I really walk the talk about disconnecting from technology to be with my family. (EeEeEeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks for still being here and remaining a Monkey Chi fan.)

Watch our video and please help us spread the word about the power of words!

Remember, the jars stayed in the same place in our home with exactly same light and vibration exposure for 30 days.

After 30 days the “i love you jar” didn’t smell bad, and had minor discoloration. The “you are gross jar” smelled bad and developed some orange mold discolorations. The jar we intentionally “ignored” was putrid and extraordinarily moldy colored, and the water was most separated from the rice in this jar.

Biggest lesson learned: our thoughts and intentions literally impact physical matter. Doing the experiment online with over 400 views during the month of the experiment, and hearing from many friends around the world (countries listed in video) many people were thinking and sending thoughts to our jars. This collaboration made the results far more impressive than when we did it just ourselves.

Our attention is powerful. Our words have power. Our THOUGHTS have power. Every thought we have literally becomes a seed of potential. It’s critical that we and our children consider the power our thoughts and words have on our lives, other people, and our planet. Ask your children … ask YOURSELF, “What thoughts are you planting?”

Here are a few links to some thought provoking research and interviews regarding the power our thoughts have over our reality.

Lynne McTaggart author of a brilliant book sharing the science of thoughts and intentions The Intention Experiment, audio interview.

Pubmed abstract from the Cleveland Clinic study I mention in the video.

A free children’s book from Masaru Emoto (the scientist and writer behind the ice crystal and rice experiment).     English version
Other languages

After a sabbatical we are back and will be sharing more love and playful ideas for things you can do with someone you love.


P.S. In case you want to see the first video to refresh your memory and help YOU to do the experiment in your own home, here it is…

P. P.S. What do you think about this? Leave a comment or email us.