Raindance like no one’s watching



“There will be a rain dance this Friday, weather permitting.” George Carlin

When was the last time you played in the rain? Jumped in a puddle? Ran around outside barefoot? Have you ever RAINDANCED?

Raindancing seems such a simple togetherness project, but somehow I don’t remember the last time I saw someone–other than us crazy monkeys–playing in the rain. Our culture has many unspoken rules that bind us to daily routine–ways to avoid dancing in the rain, limiting our expressions of joy and stifling possible feelings of connectedness to nature and the Earth.

Being from England, I boast the rain in my blood. I rarely use an umbrella or run to the shelter of my car if I get caught in the rain. I revel in the rain. It tickles! It makes the birds so happy they sing. Why don’t we?

Raindancing cleanses our spirits and our bodies and empties our minds.

This past Saturday it was a scorching 105° F/40.6° C here in North Carolina. It was astoundingly hot and humid, and thankfully we received some much needed rain.

Returning home from a shopping trip I was greeted by the most beautiful rainbow. It stretched ACROSS the sky, unlike the usual bows that float down to the ground. The sight of it made me giddy!

I raced into the house and grabbed the monkeys so we could witness the rainbow magic together–in full presence, and play in the rain and do some puddle jumping raindancing.

Supplies needed:
♥ rain, puddles (or make your own personal rain shower with a hose)
♥ bare feet
your Chi , imagination and body mind spirit

The puddles were scorching hot, heated by the concrete below! I had never felt puddles so hot, it was impressive.

Sonshine (my little boy) didn’t like it at first, but after his sisters and I got to running and splashing, he joined in the fun.

We played follow the leader, splashing each other–laughing. We jumped. We span round in circles … completely engulfed by the joy of the experience and drenched in hot steamy rainwater.

Pure free happiness.

No rules, limitations, or expectations. No judgments (of self or one another). Only spontaneity, laugher, splashing and many hugs.

Next time it rains, I hope you Raindance like no one is watching. And if someone happens to be watching, invite them to join in!

Love, love and joy,
Becky and the Monkeys

P.S. The photos were not edited for effect: The steam from the rain fogged up our cameras–capturing the ethereal energy of our raindance.

P.P.S. This Wednesday, August 3rd is international Monkey Chi Monkey Do Day. Last Spring Twinkle’s teacher asked her class to create a special holiday, so she imagined this special day as a time to celebrate and make something together. So WE just wanted to wish you all a Happy Monkey Chi Day!!!!! If you are looking to celebrate and be present with someone you love, check out our archive of fun and simple creative activities.

Raindance like no one's watching

One Response to Raindance like no one’s watching

  1. Dearest Queen of the Monkeys!

    You are a rainbow and welcome showers on a hot day. This just so inspired Gabriel and I to read…You and your family make the world zestier, brighter, happier and more loving! We’re absolutely rich to know you.

    Hugs and kisses and raindrops,

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