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Kindness Rocks

“Every act of kindness done
makes life nicer for someone.”

I’ve remembered this quote for over 30 years. It came from a set of thank you cards I received as a gift when I was about 10 years old. I LOVED this sentiment, and still–to this day–think about the impact simple kindness can have. There is beauty in simplicity and truth.Kindness is possible in most any situation. It’s one of the greatest uses of our personal Chi (creative energy).

This idea for a Togetherness Project was inspired by a sweet family we met from Alberta Canada. We’ve become old-fashioned penpals. My daughters and I did a swap of handmade goodies and letters. It was very exciting. My delightful new friend Sue told me that she and her two daughters love to decorate rocks and leave them in unsuspecting places, to be discovered by strangers. Ooooh, this idea touched my heart and inspired me, so my girls and I made a few and have been scattering them all over town ever since.

Really simple supplies:
♥ Pocket-sized rocks, shells, pebbles, seaglass
♥ Acrylic paints, paint markers or Sharpie (permanent ink) markers
(edited to add: here is a linky to get a “Kindess Rocks” kit from our Etsy shop)
♥ Your Chi and imagination

Switch off all devices and let your soul shine as you think about people you’ve never met before encountering and being uplifted by these simple creations!

We painted words like:

SHINE, Joy, Be in the NOW, Hope, Faith, (my favorite) You ROCK!, Love, Just be YOU!, Peace, You are Beautiful….

We also added colorful little works of art like rainbows, smiley faces, sunshines: simple and sweet but very heartfelt.

We are continuing to leave them in random places like car door handles, bathrooms, grocery checkouts, in grocery aisles, drivethroughs, basically anywhere. We even sold a few to raise money for American Cancer Society.

Kindness ROCKS! (and it does, doesn’t it?)

What do you think of this idea? Will you try it? What will you write? Where will you leave them? Can’t wait to hear back from beautiful creative wonderful you (yes, YOU, the one who says “I’m not creative”. LOL!)

Love, light and wishes for gorgeous bursts of creative energy.

Becky Jaine and the Monkeys

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