Monkey news and Weighing in~a special project for self acceptance

I yam what I yam, and that’s all what I yam.”

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Hiya Beautiful Creative Monkeys!

Before I share this month’s mind-altering (you’ll see what I mean when you read it) togetherness project, just wanted to provide a little update on our lives and Monkey Chi. It’s been a busy summer at the Monkey House. The girls (Twinkle and Sparkle) just finished a 5-week break from school. It was awesome and we did and made so many fun things, but I’m sad they’re going back to school. I’ll miss my creative playmates–my biggest fans. On the other hand, Sonshine (my now 3 year old son) will LOVE having all my attention.

etsy and FACEBOOK
We worked an art sale last month which led to us reopening our Monkey Chi Monkey Do Etsy shop. It’s a small shop, but we’re continuing to add stuff, so if you are in need of handmade and natural gift ideas for your monkeys, please check us out.  We’ll be adding more things to our shop in the weeks to come, as we settle back to our school routine.

We joined Pinterest. Talk about time spent online … but it’s a useful and colorful way to organize all that stuff you’d like to make, do, or just look at. It’s simple, beautiful and inspirational. Check out my personal Pinterest and our Monkey Chi Board and if you likey, follow and repin!

becky’s site for sunshine
Oooh, and I wanted to take a moment to invite you to check out a site I created for Sunshine! It began last year and it’s blossomed and become such a happy creative outlet for me to share my personal poetry, my art, and videos and things I find inspirational. Consider yourself invited! If you enjoy it, you can subscribe on the site.

Ok, now we’ve got all our news and updates out of the way, here’s this month’s togetherness project.

Togetherness projects are activities we do with someone we love: things that are creative and different. We disconnect from technology and stay totally present in the creative process, without judgment AND without cell phones, to enjoy complete presence with our loved ones. As we become more and more dependent on technology, it’s really important that we CONSCIOUSLY take time away from all these amazing sites and devices and remember that simply being present is the greatest gift we can give to someone, especially our children.

weighing in on self acceptance… our latest togetherness project idea

I yam what I yam, and that’s all what I yam.”

For most of my adolescence and through my mid 30s I struggled with my body image. Sadly, I think it’s atypical for a girl/woman NOT to. As I’m raising two amazing daughters (my teachers) I am committed to loving my body and doing things that celebrate and honor the entire physical mass that I am, no matter how squishy–or whatever weight I am. I Yam What I YAM! I believe one of the greatest behaviors I can show my children is demonstrating my own self love and self respect. It’s NOT easy in this day and age.

I pray my children never have to liberate themselves from automated negative thoughts about their weight, or that they ever define their self esteem or value by a number on the scale. That’s what I used to do.

The girls and I talk often about the media’s manipulation of personal feelings and thoughts to create an insecurity within us: Marketing messages attempt to convince us that our negative and feelings of inadequacy can be relieved by purchasing their product. (yeah, right!)

If you have children in your life, I encourage you to share this amazing video with them. Although it’s sponsored by an enormous personal product company,  it delivers a powerful message through imagery. Start an on-going conversation about the edited images surround us, permeating our culture–on TV, billboards, and of course talk about the intentions of magazines and advertisers.

The bottom line is, we are all only slightly perfect! Nobody’s perfect. Nobody … no BODY! It’s true! We each are beautiful unique expressions of life energy: perfect individuals-perfectly individual, but too often we compare ourselves to others something happens and we lose the real and honest perspective of ourselves.

For years I struggled with my weight–or should I say, my perception of my weight. A few years ago I stopped obsessing over my caloric intake and started focusing on eating for good health and energy. But still, somehow that scale literally weighed on my emotions. I’d get on it, and if I weighed  a few pounds more, I felt crummy. But the truth is, no matter what my weight, I am still all of me!

I don’t feel crummy any more… my scale makes me feel good about me, no matter the number!

♥  a blank scale
♥  colorful paint markers
♥  Mod Podge acrylic sealant (flat or glossy, your choice) and a brush or foam applicator brush
♥  fabulous colorful, magnificent, empowering accepting words!

Doing this togetherness project is an excellent time to talk with children about the power our internal thoughts have on the way we feel about ourselves, (if you like this project, you may enjoy the Mirror Mirror project).  As my girls get older (they are now 11 and 9) I’m hoping this ongoing conversation will set them up for a better chance at positive self image, despite our culture’s attempts at undermining.

Here were some of our words: sparkly gorgeous alive bella sweet awesome cool neat Bundle of LOVE sexcy kooky creative one off, rosy, fabulous, Bright, loved, amazing, lovely, good, shiny, adorable, powerful, super, magic, brilliant, groovy, radiant … they make me feel so good.

After you’ve taken turns writing all the words, then finish by coating it with an acrylic sealant like ModPodge.

This project was so much fun, and refreshing. The only guideline I suggested was we couldn’t use a word that described our actual weight, so words like skinny fat or thin (and others) were not acceptable. Those words have nothing to do with our reality or our health. Those words are judgmental, subjective and dis-empowering.

What do you think? What do you feel when you get on the scales? Do you have daughters or children who could benefit from your healing your own personal body image issues? Do you like this idea? Please share in comments on our site or on our facebook page.

Wishing you lots of love, creative moments, and beautiful discussions with someone you love,
Becky and the Monkeys

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Create a beautiful upcycled wind kite from a tin can

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Hiya Creative Monkeys,

Thanks for your recent participationwith our rice and thought experiment. We have completed the project and our video and currently we are finetuning and editing the “BIG REVEAL” video and hope to send it out to you verrrrrry soon.

In the meantime, we wanted to share our latest Monkey Chi Monkey Do togetherness project: an upcycled Tin Can Wind Kite! Weeeee!!!!

♥ a large can with both top and bottom removed (large tomato cans work well)
♥ decorative paper
♥ assorted ribbons
♥ craft glue
♥ rubber-bands & scissors
♥ fishing line or string
♥ drill or hammer and nail to make holes
♥ optional Outdoor Modpodge (helpful to promote outdoor longevity)


Select and cut your ribbons and attach loosely to the bottom of can with an elastic-band.


Once all your ribbons are in place, carefully lift the top of each ribbon and apply glue to the can and ribbon and secure the elastic-band on top of ribbon to hold it in place. Move to next ribbon after holding for a few seconds being careful they don’t slip. (This bit can be tricky and sticky, so for younger monkeys you may want to help.)


When the ribbons are glued down, select your decorative paper and cut to fit. (You may need to cut another piece to cover the entire can.)


Glue the paper onto the can.

Sparkle and I chose to leave our paper plain; Twinkle decorated hers with stickers.

We left the elastic bands underneath the paper to hold the ribbons in place. Once the paper is glued on and decorated, you may want to completely coat the paper with Outdoor ModPodge or another decoupage medium. This is not necessary, but it may help retard color fading of the paper.



Once dry–which may take a day if you use ModPodge–, drill two opposing holes and tie fishing line or string through the holes to create a hanger. 

We made a few of these for our garden but these also make excellent gifts! We are enjoying  watching them blow in our warm Carolina Spring breezes.



Are you going to make one? Let us know … we’d love to hear from you.








Wishing you creativity and total presence with someone you love,
♥♥♥Becky, Twinkle & Sparkle♥♥♥

P.S. Please join us on Facebook and share your ideas and post pictures of your creations!

Final Week (four) Monkey Chi Rice and Thought Experiment

Here is the final looksy* at our jars of rice. This week we noticed the most dramatic visual changes. The rice has shrunk in size and in jars #2 and #3 the rice and water have separated even more than last week.

We’ve had friends from around the world sending thoughts to our rice: Thinkers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, New Zealand and Lithuania. (We are sending you lots of love as we think and talk about the people and places we are hearing from.) If I missed your country, please email me or post a comment on our Web site so we can give a shout out to you too!

We hope to shoot our final Ta-Dah-Big-Reveal video this weekend, to be shared with you as soon as it’s edited and uploaded by our dear friend and talented videographer, Adrienne Drum. (Here are linkies to Monkey Chi Rice Experiment video she created for us on Vimeo or YouTube .)

Our intention for this togetherness project is for our experiment to be a catalyst for conversation in your own home, about the power our words and thoughts have on ourselves, each other and our world.

Have you talked about the power of thinking? The power of words? Had any crazy conversations about our rice? We’d love to hear from you. (Comment below on our site.)

It’s not too late to join in our final week. Simply send two thoughts a day to our jars: one positive happy thought to the “I love You” jar, one negative yucky thought to the “You are Gross” jar. (Ignore that other one completely.)

The more the Monkeyer

Oh, and if you share the experiment with your friends via Facebook or email etc., let me know and I’ll enter you  into our drawing to win Monkey Chi Fun including a DIY paint kit, and hide and EeeEeeEeek Monkey game, and other monkey surprises. EeEeEeEe!

Happy thinking,
Becky Jaine and the Monkeys

P.S. The photo is slightly different from previous weeks due to technical changes. I wanted to post photo yesterday, but my computer died and I had to move to a new system and navigate Adobe Photoshop (for the first time) to create this image. TMI? :O)